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UK Postcode Information

Speegle provides comprehensive information for every UK postcode. Our postcode information includes - local school information, crime data for the postcode area (and nearby areas), maps and location information, coordinates, census data, broadband availability, broadband speeds in the postcode area and much more (and we are adding more data every week). Simply search for your postcode in the search bar above or use the navigation menu to drill down to a post code.

If you are trying to find more information about your own postcode or if you are looking to move to a new postcode and want to find out more about the area, Speegle has you covered.

Speegle is used by thousands of people every day - house movers, property investors, property developers, businesses, and those who are just looking for more information on a postcode area.

Speegle Postcode Statistics

Speegle provides information on every postcode in the UK - here are some of the stats from our data.
Total number of postcodes 2,703,780
Number of active postcodes 1,800,092
Number of retired postcodes 903,688
Postcodes by UK Country England - 2,257,263
Scotland - 229,252
Wales - 141,311
Northern Ireland - 62,831
Channel Islands - 7,034
Isle of Man - 6,089