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Some web sites do not have a summary or any useful information e.g. a flash site. That cannot be rectified by using Speegle. During our technology preview period you may experience some downtimes as we increase server capacity.

Team Speegle

How to use Speegle:

Just type in your keywords in the normal way and press enter or click search. Ten results are listed and read out to you in order some may be skipped as they have no content or they have been to slow to contact. If you want to visit a page press the corresponding number on the keyboard and it will redirect to that site. Press X to stop P to play and N for next ten results B to go back to the previous 10 results. Press A to go to the advertised site (not implemented yet)

Verbosity: The verbosity level is selected from a drop down box to give you several levels of summary and site information density. The explanations of this control are defined in words starting at the just the title information. The most information dense is the URL, title and description.

Speegle Newsfeeds:

News is fed to you from various RSS news resources around the Web.

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CEC Systems have no control over the content of pages or what our Speak Perfect voices will read out. At present we do not read out foreign languages. Speegle will try not to read profanity but this may be outwith our control.

You should have a Meta description tag which is one of the factors we consider in presenting the site summary. A badly formed description may be penalised and the readout may be skipped over. If a description is missing, Speegle will atempt to make sense of the page. An example of a Meta description is . A Meta description tag should describe what your site does as logically and succinctly as possible and should read like a well written piece of text. Attention to detail with grammar will improve the prosody enormously (mind your commas!). You may find this link useful if you need to make any changes to your web site.

Ask your webmaster to include or edit your Meta description tag.

If you would like to know how to improve the accessibility of your website when processed by Speegle and give useful information using this method, then read this page.

PanaVox Speak Perfect

PanaVox makes your web site communicate in the universal currency of the spoken language. It is a useful way to give quick information to your users. The main text or an alternative introduction can be served directly to your users as a clear precise spoken message. Demo link.

PanaVox Speak Perfect broadcasts to all users on slow or fast connections.

There is no client side download required and no cost to the use/r.

It may be used for accessibility, advertising or to describe something which is difficult to illustrate. (eg: “with a taste of lemon /“)

We use five distinctive Speak Perfect voices which can be customised by prosody correction using our simple rule/s.

The next step in accessibility has arrived with the introduction of the highest quality natural sounding voices which are easy to listen to and understand. PanaVox Speak Perfect services are flexible and comprehensive. They can be applied to any web site with the addition of a link to our speech servers or hosted on your own servers. Speech technology applications are just beginning to make inroads into the expanding market for web site accessibility. Accessibility has previously been expensive to provide, ranging from client side basic text readers to complete systems. While there is still a place for these technologies they have fallen behind speech developments both in terms of quality and convenience. For the vast majority of people requiring information from a web site who have difficulty reading the text, a client side program requires user expertise, rarely provides a high enough quality or offers an affordable solution. PanaVox Speak Perfect services offer access to the web to the many users who are excluded at present.

Speech technology can also be informative, fun and give extra information while a picture is viewed without the need to read supplementary information. Technical drawings can be described and understood by the addition of spoken explanations, as can the process of learning to read for both early readers and for those for whom English is not their native language. Information retention is enhanced by the addition of a secondary and complimentary source of communication delivered at the same time. You see, read and hear without distraction and enhance understanding. It is the ideal method for information delivery for individuals who have impaired reading skills (for cognitive or medical reasons), for those who have forgotten their spectacles or for whom the high contrast of a screen appears blurred/.


The result is slow…….what can I do?

Make sure your connection is working properly. On the majority of websites it will take no longer than several seconds to broadcast a summary even on the slowest modem/.

Some of the sites are simply missed out what is wrong?

There is nothing wrong, its the way we process the website. There will most likely be nothing on the site of any interest to the topic search criteria. Speegle does not hang about, it's a very fast delivery method.

What can I do to change the way the voice is spoken from my site?

You are able to correct some mispronunciation by following some simple prosody (making the text sound right) corrections. A well written Meta description is one of the factors we use. Any obvious abuse of the site configuration will get automatically downgraded.